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Nurses R Special, Inc. USA


Nurses R Special Inc., (NRS) was established in 1987. Being in the health care sector for Twenty Three Years, the company has expanded its services to per diem, traveling, permanent placement, and international hires. Today, Nurses R Special has become an epitome of goodwill among the rest of the supplemental staffing companies here in the United States.


The company has grown from a mere start up organization to a robust company through the years. NRS has employed thousands of nurses and has expanded to various parts of the States and even across the continent. NRS has a network of agents across the borders of Asia and Europe, whom are assisting them in outsourcing the much needed health care professionals in the country due to the shortage of nurses.

It is beyond its imagination how Nurses R Special has dramatically increased its presence and continues to grow its business. With an excellent track record of accomplishments, and driven organization, NRS, and their health care providers have one thing in common, that is, to serve its client’s facilities through its roster of compassionate and well trained nurses whom are only equipped with only one thing in mind, the passion for their careers, and their compassion and  love for the ill.
As the organization makes its mark in the health care sector, NRS is by far, making a difference in quality of services, customer service satisfaction, and the quality of nurses that are rendered to its client hospitals. Today, NRS is the ultimate human resource solution in the industry compared to any staffing organizations catering for both acute and sub acute facilities.
NRS takes pride with its quality of nurses. As a matter of fact, NRS provides its nurses with extensive options, benefits, competitive salary, and comprehensive services to represent themselves and their skills to the best employer. NRS selects highly qualified nurses with at least a minimum of 2 years experience in a field of their specialization. We have grown to become the recognized leader by providing unparalleled service in the past two decades to our client hospitals simply because of our selection process.
Unlike many other staffing companies, NRS is proud of its achievement and its commitment to excellence and perfection. We simply do not just staff. We deliver the best Nurses in the country. With our extensive and thorough pre-employment screening, back ground checks, drug screen, testing done on site, and reviewed by our Directors of Nursing, Human Resource and Recruitment come up with winnable strategies before making a final selection and retention on our recruits. 

Indeed, we rightfully can claim that NRS has earned its respect and recognition in the health care sector.